‘PlayStation App’ Gets Big Update Adding Controller Support To Navigate the App, Launch Games, View Game Help for Trophies, and More

Sony just pushed out another big update for the PlayStation App (Free) on iOS and Android. Since launching, the app has gotten massively better with each update. I can’t believe how much worse it used to be during the PS4 generation. It recently even added support for themes to match the PS5 color plates and controllers. Today’s update brings in controller support for in-game navigation. This lets you use your PlayStation controller to navigate the app and launch games. In addition to that, supported PS5 games that have Game Help will let you view trophy hints and more. You need an active PlayStation Plus subscription on your PlayStation account for this feature.

If you use the PlayStation App and also PS Remote Play app on iOS and are wondering which controller is best for you, read my iOS controller buyer’s guide covering the PS5, Xbox Series X, PS4, and Xbox One controllers here. I also reviewed the Backbone One PlayStation Edition. Read my review of that here. If you’ve not gotten it yet, download the PlayStation Remote Play app here and the PlayStation App here. Do you use the PlayStation App and PlayStation Remote Play regularly?

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