‘Peridot’ and ‘Lost Words: Beyond the Page’ Are Both Rolling Out Globally Now

Our normal release round-up day is still a few days away, but with a couple of pretty high profile games both set to launch on May 9th it seemed worth giving a quick heads up to anyone who might be looking forward to them. First up is Niantic’s Peridot. This was first revealed in April of last year and described as a virtual pet style game but utilizing the AR technology that Niantic has become known for with hits like Pokemon GO. As the player you’ll raise your own Peridot, which is unique to you, but you can also pair up with other players and do a little cross-breeding in order to create new types of Peridots with interesting new traits or abilities. Here is the most recent trailer for Peridot which debuted when the release date was announced back in March.

Next up is Lost Words: Beyond the Page. This is a really unique adventure game that launched on PC and consoles a couple of years back, and is now making its way to mobile courtesy of Plug In Digital. In it you’ll explore a fantasy world and manipulate actual words to solve puzzles and unlock parts of the narrative, and this is combined with a more traditional side-scrolling adventure where you’ll do a little bit of platforming and puzzle solving. I’m certainly not doing the game justice, but as you can see in the trailer below this is definitely a gorgeous game that has garnered all sorts of attention and accolades with its launch on other platforms, and it looks like it will be a great fit for mobile.

With the way scheduled releases work in the App Store, both of these titles should be available right now in time zones where the calendar has already rolled over to May 9th. You can find Lost Worlds on the App Store here, and Peridot on the App Store here. We are based here in the US, and so neither of these are available right this minute, but should be available at 11pm ET roughly 6 hours from now. These are both games that are quite different from one another, but both are ones I’ve really been anxious to check out, so I’ll be counting down the minutes until later tonight. If you want to discuss either of these new titles you can do so in the Lost Words thread or the Peridot thread over in our forums.

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