‘Marvel Snap’ Rocks Out to the Greatest Hits of the ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ in the Latest Season

It’s that time of the month again, friends. It’s time for the new season of Marvel Snap (Free), and given what else is going on in the world of Marvel this week you can probably guess what the theme will be. I mean, the headline also gives it away so I’m not sure what I’m trying to do here. It’s Guardians of the Galaxy, because there’s that new movie out and all. Let’s check out the details of Guardians Greatest Hits, the latest season of Marvel Snap.

Okay, so normally I try to summarize things in enough detail that you don’t need to watch the video from the official Marvel Snap channel, but I’m going to say this before we go any further: watch that video. Ben Brode is rocking a wild mullet, fingerless gloves, and a jean jacket. Just… go watch it. This man goes to eleven for you. I think he is a genuine treasure, and this presentation might be his funniest yet.

Anyway, this is a Guardians of the Galaxy season, and since we already have all of the main Guardians on board, you might be wondering what the developers are going to do for new cards. I mean, Nebula is right there of course. And no surprise, she’s the Season Pass spotlight this time. She’s a 1-Cost 1-Power card with the special ability of gaining +2 Power for every turn the opposing player doesn’t play a card in her location. Lots of neat ways to fit her into a deck, and I’ll be interested to see them.

There’s also Iron Lad, a 4-Cost 6-Power card who will copy the text of the top card in your deck, no matter who that may be. But how to know what your top card is? Enter Howard the Duck, a 1-Cost 2-Power card you can tap to see the top card in your deck. Well, those two go nicely together. Then we’ve got the High Evolutionary, a 4-Cost 7-Power card who will bring out new abilities in cards that do not currently have them. I foresee him having a nice home in many a Patriot deck. Finally, we have The Living Tribunal. A 6-Cost 4-Power card, its ability takes your total Power at the end of the game and splits it evenly among all three locations. That… could be something.

Of course, there are some new locations too. Deep Space disables all card text, which might make it a useful dumping ground for cards with negative effects. The Milano only allows you to play cards there on the fifth turn. Hmm. Well, we’ll see how all that goes soon enough I suppose. Throw in some of those fancy variants and that’s looking to be the lot.

The Guardians Greatest Hits season kicks off later today, so you’d best start dreaming up how you’re going to deal with those new cards and locations. Our May deck building guide will be arriving shortly to give you a hand with all of that, so keep your eyes peeled. And really and truly, go watch that video.

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