Major ‘Pokemon Home’ 3.0.0 Out Now With ‘Pokemon Scarlet and Violet’ Compatibility and a Lot More

Originally scheduled for last week, Nintendo and The Pokemon Company delayed the major update for Pokemon Home (Free) on iOS, Android, and Nintendo Switch to this week. The update has now gone live as Pokemon Home 3.0.0 bringing in compatibility with Pokemon Scarlet and Violet finally. If you’ve not gotten that on Switch yet, read Shaun’s review here. Pokemon Home 3.0.0 also lets you view the stats of a Pokemon from different games it has been in alongside adding in new challenges and stickers. If you play Pokemon GO, you can bring Gimmighoul (roaming form) into Pokemon Scarlet and Violet through Pokemon Home with this update. Check out the chart below for Pokemon Home 3.0.0:

It feels like a lot of updates and content for or around Pokemon Scarlet and Violet are taking longer than expected to arrive following its launch from November 2022. I enjoyed my time with Pokemon Violet, but it is one of the least-polished games I’ve played in years and it still runs badly months later. If you’ve not downloaded it yet, Pokemon Home is available for free on the App Store for iOS, Google Play for Android, and the eShop for Nintendo Switch. Details for the paid plans are available here. Check out the official Pokemon Home website here. What do you think of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet if you played it recently?

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