‘Kloot Arena’ is Like PvP Marbles Played with Madballs from the Makers of ‘Rest in Pieces’ and ‘Gumslinger’, Launching Next Month

We haven’t heard much from developer Itatake since the release of their silly Spaghetti Arms back in December of 2020, but previously they have been responsible for some excellent mobile games like the creepy swinger Rest in Pieces or the PvP dueling game Gumslinger, among others. After a two-plus year hiatus they’re now readying the release of their latest mobile game and it’s called Kloot Arena. This is another PvP-focused game that’s essentially one big game of marbles played out in an arena with turn-based battling where your team is trying to eliminate your opponent’s team. Like any of Itatake’s games, the visuals here are quite impressive, and Kloot Arena certainly has a very specific vibe going for it, which I’d liken to Madballs if you remember those toys from the ’80s. Check out the trailer.

While the base of your characters are nothing more than spheres, you’ll be able to outfit these guys (and gals?) with gear that you can upgrade and improve over time, giving your team unique abilities as well as unique looks. You’ll be able to battle online against friends in head-to-head battles or against random opponents in ranked play. This seems like a good fit for mobile and given Itatake’s previous efforts I’m certainly interested in checking out Kloot Arena. The game is available for pre-order on the iOS App Store here and available for -pre-registration on Google Play for Android here with an expected release date of June 14th, so keep an eye out for it in just shy of a month’s time.

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