I Know It’s Still Early, But… ‘Super Fishbird’ is the Game of the Year

Ok, ok, not really. However, its trailer is certainly a contender for Trailer of the Year or perhaps Best Trailer of All Time, alongside such classics as 10 Balls 7 Cups, Retired Nude Men’s Beach Volleyball, or the menagerie of Mad Skills Motocross/BMX trailers over the years. Yes, Super Fishbird from developer Dan Forstinger is a fine and dandy game on its own, but wow does its trailer really seal the deal. The game itself is a super simple high score chaser where you control a tiny bird who is attempting to keep a fish that has flopped out of the water airborne for as long as possible. This is not easy because that fish is VERY floppy. Along the way you can collect score multipliers and perform various tricks with the fish, like flipping it around, having it stall on top of your head, and more. Ok, let’s roll that trailer, shall we?

Wow. Life-changing. The world of fish will never be the same. While the trailer definitely gives me a chuckle, don’t be fooled into thinking that’s all this is about. Super Fishbird is legitimately a really good high score chaser. The physics feel really good and the fish is so unpredictably floppy that you get into all sorts of situations that run the gamut of performing some type of seemingly impossible acrobatic trick or suddenly ending your game prematurely due to a horrible bounce. The game is free with ads and you can unlock the ad-free premium version for $5.99 which also includes a fancy hat for your bird. If you aren’t immediately sold at “fancy hat" then I’m not sure what to tell you. Joking aside though, this really is a game worth your time and at least for now Super Fishbird is my current go-to time killer.

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