‘Crying Suns’ Last Orders Final Update Out Now Bringing In New Factions, Events, Achievements, Features, and More

Crying Suns ($5.99) from Alt Shift and Humble Games has gotten its final update dubbed the ‘Last Orders’ on all platforms including mobile. This update should have rolled out now on all platforms, but it might take a bit to hit all regions depending on the platform. The tactical space game that originally released on PC via Steam is excellent on mobile. Read our review of it here. Following a few content updates since launch, today’s update brings in new character factions, playable Battleships, new events, achievements, quality of life features, and other improvements. The Prag Mah and the Phalanx factions join alongside new special offers (2 per faction), 12 new battlefield items, 30 new events, and more. Watch a teaser for the update below:

Crying Suns from Humble Games is currently discounted as a part of the publisher’s anniversary sale. You can grab it on iOS and Android as a premium release now. Check it out on the App Store for iOS here and on Google Play for Android here. Check out our forum thread for it here. Have you played Crying Suns on mobile, Switch, or PC yet and will you be checking out this update?

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