Wish Official Teaser Trailer

What is your one wish to make as Walt Disney Studios releases the official teaser trailer for their upcoming animated film Wish. View trailer below.

The movie focuses on a 17-year-old girl named Asha (DeBose) who makes a passionate plea to the stars in a moment of need when she senses a darkness in the Kingdom of Rosas that no one else does.

Wow….I was curious about this film for quite sometime. It’s definitely a Disney movie, with the classic signature style of music and animation nuances that the studio is known for. Details on the plot is vague (for now at least), but the animation style looks quite unique and I do like DeBose in the lead role. You can easily tell that Disney is trying to pull all the stops on this particular movie, especially since it brings up all those past and beloved Disney animated films in the preview. It definitely has the making of it, so let’s hope that it does. In the end, I’m quite excited to see Wish and I’m definitely curious to see how both critics and moviegoers will look upon this movie.

Wish  arrives in theaters on November 22nd, 2023

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