Niantic and Capcom Announce ‘Monster Hunter Now’ Coming September 2023 Worldwide

Niantic and Capcom just announced real world hunting action RPG Monster Hunter Now for iOS and Android. Monster Hunter Now looks like a blend of Pokemon GO with Monster Hunter. It aims to incentivize going out to encounter monsters in the real world. Capcom says Monster Hunter Now will use Niantic’s AR technology to let people play it casually while still retaining what makes Monster Hunter special. Niantic mentions it being the ultimate experience for those who want to take on monsters with friends while offering the best possible graphics on mobile. The first closed beta test is set for April 25 as revealed by the official Monster Hunter Twitter account. Watch the Monster Hunter Now trailer below:

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak and Monster Hunter World: Iceborne are two of my most played games ever, so I will definitely be trying Monster Hunter Now when it releases. Hopefully it has staying power and manages to do good collaborations with not just Monster Hunter games, but also Capcom’s other properties for limited time events and more. While a definite Monster Hunter Now release date hasn’t been announced, it is currently scheduled for September release globally. It will release on iOS and Android and is built using Niantic’s Lightship platform. Check out the official website here. Sign up for the closed beta tests here. What do you think of Monster Hunter Now and will you be signing up for the closed beta?

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