‘Marvel Snap’ Switches to Weekly Balance Adjustments to Combat Balance Issues

Those of you who play Marvel Snap (Free) or have been following my Marvel Snap deck building guides may have noticed that the game has been having some balance issues with certain cards of late. In particular, Shuri and Thanos have been at the center of some very difficult to defeat decks, and as a result there is a lot less flexibility in terms of building viable alternatives. A sad state of affairs, and one that many players are unhappy with. Developer Second Dinner isn’t thrilled with it either, and it has made some announcements about how it plans to move forward.

Marvel Snap typically does full-on App Store updates twice a month. The one at the beginning/end of the month sets up the new season and makes a few other changes as needed. The mid-month update is almost always focused on balance changes. Frankly, with how quickly the meta moves in this game, that’s not really often enough. Last week saw Second Dinner take a new approach, doing an over-the-air update that didn’t require any additional download via the App Store. It adjusted stats for a few cards, including Red Skull, Sunspot, Shadow King, and Sentry. No abilities were changed, as that is apparently beyond the scope of the over-the-air update tool.

Second Dinner has announced that starting from April 18th, OTA (over-the-air) updates will arrive for the game each and every week on Thursdays. Each week, two to four cards will be tweaked to try to react to balance issues on the fly. These changes will mostly be in the form of buffing certain cards, but there are and probably always will be a few nerfs that need to be carried out as well. Shuri, your time is apparently coming. The big monthly updates through the App Store will of course continue.

Will this new update schedule help Marvel Snap become perfectly balanced, as all things should be? At the very least, it gives the developer more flexibility in putting out fires before they rage too long. Second Dinner will be monitoring how this goes for the game, and I suppose time will tell if it does what it is hoping it will. As for me, I’ll keep you all updated on whatever major things arise in the game. You know, until I get bored of it. Might be a while, the team hasn’t even added Spider-Ham yet.

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