‘LEGO Bricktales’ Coming to iOS and Android This Month as a Premium Release

LEGO Bricktales is a puzzle adventure that debuted on PC and console platforms last year. I didn’t play it before, which is surprising since I usually try and sample every LEGO game. Impressions were mostly positive for it barring some performance issues on Switch. Speaking of the Switch version, read Shaun’s review of LEGO Bricktales on Switch here. Today, Thunderful announced that LEGO Bricktales is coming to mobile later this month. Ahead of the launch, you can try a free demo for the game on Steam here. Watch the LEGO Bricktales mobile announcement trailer below:

LEGO Bricktales will launch on April 27th for mobile as a premium release. If you’d like to play it at launch, you can pre-order LEGO Bricktales on the App Store for iOS here and on Google Play for Android here. Those links should go live in the near future. The price point is supposed to be $4.99. This is a lot less than the console price point of $29.99 like on Nintendo Switch. I skipped the PC and console version of LEGO Bricktales so this version is definitely something I will try to play on iPad. Have you played LEGO Bricktales on any other platform or will you be trying it on iOS or Android?

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