‘Laya’s Horizon’ From ‘Alto’s Adventure’ Developer Snowman Gets Gorgeous New Trailer and May 2nd Release Date on Netflix Games

In the early part of last month Alto’s Adventure developer Snowman began teasing their newest project, a game called Laya’s Horizon. The teaser trailer looked and sounded incredible, but it also did that whole “teaser trailer thing" where it didn’t show any direct gameplay footage, so you were left kind of guessing what the actual game itself was all about. My best guess was that it was some sort of wingsuit flying game where you would dive off of cliffs and zoom down to the land below, hitting up obstacles and pulling off tricks along the way. In a way, almost like a 3rd-person Alto’s game. Well today Snowman has released the official trailer for Laya’s Horizon, and it looks like my guess was pretty on the mark.

Boy, that sure is a wonderful trailer. Gave me chills in fact. As mentioned previously, Laya’s Horizon is releasing in collaboration with Netflix and will be a part of the Netflix Games library. I tell ya, that Netflix Games library just keeps getting better and better and better. I used to say “It’s a nice bonus for already subscribing to Netflix for their shows" and now I’m quickly feeling more like “Subscribe for the games, and maybe watch some of their shows in the background while you’re playing." Anyway, Laya’s Horizon will be available for both iOS and Android devices on May 2nd for all Netflix subscribers, and I can’t hardly wait.

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