‘Fireball Wizard’ is a Magical Pixel Art Platformer Coming this Summer, Available for Pre-Order Now

Sometimes all I want in life is a straightforward action platformer. Not something that redefines the genre as we know it, just something to test my running, jumping, and fighting skills. Maybe something with a bunch of secrets to discover along the way. Two-person studio ginTronic is creating something just like that with their upcoming title Fireball Wizard, and in conjunction with Plug in Digital Games they’ll be bringing that title to iOS, Android, and Steam in the coming weeks. Fireball Wizard, as its name implies, does indeed star a wizard who is very capable of shooting fireballs as he embarks on a journey across 40+ levels and 4 distinct worlds. There’s plenty of tricky obstacles and lots of dastardly enemies to dispatch during that journey, as well as more than 40 secrets to discover and 9 different skins to trick out your wizard with. You can see it in action in the game’s latest trailer.

See what I mean? Fireball Wizard looks like a very straightforward and fun platforming experience, and I love that the PR for the game describes it as a “friendly platform game." This just looks like a game I want to play. It’s also been in the works for a bit since ginTronic is such a tiny team, and it’s fun to contrast this latest trailer with the game’s debut trailer from a bit over a year ago. This game has definitely made some strides in that time. Currently Fireball Wizard is available for Wishlisting on Steam for PC, available for pre-order on the App Store for iOS, and available for pre-registration on the Google Play Store for Android. Its expected release date on iOS is listed as June 20th but those can sometimes just be placeholder dates so keep an eye out for Fireball Wizard at some point between now and this coming June.

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