‘Baldur’s Gate – Dark Alliance’ Is Already 50% Off on iOS After Launching Last Week

Baldur’s Gate – Dark Alliance ($4.99) released last week on iOS and Android as a premium release following its debut on PC and console platforms including Nintendo Switch. This new version Baldur’s Gate – Dark Alliance is an enhanced take on the original home console game game bringing its Diablo-style action RPG experience to more platforms. I hadn’t played it when it hit console, but grabbed it on Steam recently to try out on Steam Deck. Following its launch for $9.99 last week on iOS and Android, it has already dropped to $4.99 on iOS. The price on Android is still $9.99. I’m not sure if this is a limited rollout, and for how long the deal is live, but if you were on the fence, $4.99 is a great deal compared to the $29.99 it costs on console and PC. Watch the trailer for the console version of Baldur’s Gate – Dark Alliance below:

If you’d like to play the Dungeons & Dragons adventure on mobile, you can buy it for 50% off at $4.99 on the App Store for iOS here. Grab it on Google Play here. Check out our forum thread for more impressions around the port here. Shaun’s full review of the iOS version of Baldur’s Gate – Dark Alliance will also be live very soon if you’re waiting on his thoughts. We’ve seen a few games get discounted soon after launching, but this will no doubt annoy those who bought it last week. Did you play Baldur’s Gate – Dark Alliance on PC or console before and will you be checking it out on mobile through its recent release?

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