Minecraft Dungeons & Dragons Collaboration Revealed in New Trailer, Coming Soon

During the Dungeons & Dragons Direct, new Minecraft ($6.99) collaboration was revealed. If you’ve not kept up with Minecraft recently, the upcoming 1.20 is now called the Trails and Tales update and it is set to arrive later this year with a focus on self-expression, creativity, and intrinsic motivation. The Minecraft Dungeons & Dragons collaboration DLC will arrive soon for the Bedrock Edition on all platforms bringing in classic D&D locations, characters classes, monsters, and more. Ahead of this Dungeons & Dragons collaboration DLC launching, a new trailer was released. Watch the Minecraft Dungeons & Dragons collaboration DLC trailer below:

If you’ve not played Minecraft for a while, now is a great time to jump in with a lot coming this year in addition to the Dungeons & Dragons collaboration that will be out soon going by the trailer. As of this writing, a Minecraft Dungeons and Dragons DLC price point hasn’t been announced, but it seems very meaty. Hopefully we learn more about it soon. I’m curious to see if this arrives before the potential June Xbox showcase that likely will reveal the Minecraft Trails and Tales update date. Have you played Minecraft recently on mobile on any other platform and what do you think of the upcoming PC and console game Minecraft Legends?

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