Little Nightmares Mobile Release Date Delayed, More Time Needed To Polish the Game

Back in September last year, Playdigious announced that it will bring the critically-acclaimed puzzle adventure horror game Little Nightmares to iOS and Android devices. The original release window was “this winter", but the game has been delayed today to deliver the best possible Little Nightmares experience for mobile. Little Nightmares was originally developed by Tarsier Studios and released on consoles and PC back in 2017 through Bandai Namco Entertainment. I played Little Nightmares on Switch, and enjoyed it quite a bit. The atmosphere was great, and it delivered a horror experience that was quite different. Playdigious’ full statement on the delay is below in the company’s Tweet:

During the original announcement, Playdigious mentioned making the interface of Little Nightmares suit touch controls more and also bring in Game Center achievements, MFi controller support, iCloud save syncing, and more. Hopefully the iOS and Android version of Little Nightmares hits this year. Little Nightmares will not be the first time this series has been on mobile. We have Very Little Nightmares which was a made-for-mobile spinoff released in 2019 developed by Alike Studios on mobile. I’m curious to see how Little Nightmares scales across newer and older iOS and iPadOS devices. Hopefully it does well enough for Playdigious to bring the sequel to mobile in the future. Have you played Little Nightmares before?

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