Twin Stick Roguelite ‘Dust & Neon’ From Rogue Games Is Rolling Out Now on Netflix, PC, and Switch

Following the announcement for mobile, Netflix and Rogue Games have released Dust & Neon for iOS and Android through Netflix Games. It is also out on PC and Nintendo Switch beginning today. The twin stick roguelite shooter has you, a lone cowboy, against an army of robots set in a futuristic Wild West. It includes a campaign that the developers claim is over 10 hours long. Dust & Neon on Netflix Games follows Tomb Raider Reloaded on iOS and Android. Watch the Dust & Neon new Netflix Games trailer below:

If you’d like to play it, you can grab Dust & Neon on the App Store for iOS here and on Google Play for Android here. As with prior Netflix Games releases, there are no in app purchases or ads, and you can play these games for free on iOS and Android as long as you have an active Netflix subscription. Check it out on Steam here and Switch here. Rogue Games also previously confirmed that it will have touchscreen controls that have been carefully designed for mobile. This definitely feels like a game Jared will be playing and enjoying if it delivers. What do you think of Dust & Neon if you played the demo and are you getting the full game today on PC, console, or Netflix Games for mobile?

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