The Stunning Remake of ‘Myst’ Is Coming to iOS As ‘Myst Mobile’ From Developer Cyan

Indie developer Cyan who developed the 2021 reimagining of the classic Myst have just announced that it is coming to iOS as Myst Mobile. Myst Mobile will bring the complete experience to iPhone and iPad devices in the future. Considering the official announcement has information about review codes, I assume this is sooner rather than later. Myst Mobile features gorgeous visuals, optimizations for M2, M1, and more. The game will require an A12 bionic or higher device. Cyan also confirmed that Myst Mobile will support touch controls, controllers, the Smart and Magic Folio, and keyboard and mouse inputs. Watch the trailer for the console and PC version of Myst below:

Myst Mobile will be free to start. The entirety of Myst Island will be free to explore without any time limit in the iOS version. There will be an in app purchase priced at $14.99 allowing access to more than just Myst Island. Cyan mentions a launch discount planned for this. The screenshots look gorgeous. I can’t wait to see how it runs on my iOS and iPadOS devices. I’m hoping we get a full technical analysis video from MrMacRight covering older and newer devices, because this is definitely a tech showcase of a game. Have you played this reimagining of Myst before?

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