‘Omega Strikers’ Is a Cross-Platform 3v3 ‘Footbrawler’ Hitting iOS, Android, Switch, and PC for Free on April 27th

Originally announced last year, Omega Strikers finally has a confirmed release date as revealed in the Nintendo Direct earlier today or yesterday depending on your timezone. The MOBA meets air hockey ‘Footbrawler’ experience Omega Strikers from Odyssey Interactive is a 3v3 knockout striker with full cross progression and cross play support. It will launch on iOS, Android, Switch, and Steam with more consoles to be revealed. Watch the mobile trailer for Omega Strikers below:

Omega Strikers is free to play, and pre-orders have just gone live. You can grab it on the App Store for iOS here, check it out on Google Play for Android here, wishlist it on Steam here, and pre-order it on the eShop for Nintendo Switch here. It will feature 15 strikers at launch. Odyssey Interactive also confirmed that unlocks will also carry over to different platforms so it actually is cross play and cross progression fully. What do you think of Omega Strikers and will you be pre-ordering it to try it day one?

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