‘Mighty Doom’ Now Open for Pre-Registration on iOS and Android Ahead of March 21st Global Launch

It’s no secret that Bethesda and its subsidiary studio Alpha Dog Games have been working on a Doom-related mobile game for quite some time, but it looks like the light is finally at the end of the tunnel as today they’ve unveiled a pre-registration campaign and global release date. The game in question is called Mighty Doom and it’s more or less a take on the bite-sized roguelike top-down shooter genre that Archero made so famous several years back, but stuffed to the gills with all the Hellish and gory facets from the Doom universe–except all cute and chibi. Yes you’ll be ripping and tearing demons and hellspawn, but everything has a cartoonish and colorful look because your character in this adventure is actually the Mini Slayer, the collectible doll–er, action figure–from the most recent mainline Doom games. It’s all very adorable in a demented kind of way, as you can see from this brand new trailer for Mighty Doom.

We just experienced the Archero-ification of another legendary gaming IP with Tomb Raider Reloaded just last week, but as much as I love Lara and her adventures, I’m a Doom guy through and through. Mighty Doom has been in various stages of soft launch for a couple of years already, and I recently grabbed it from the Canadian App Store to see the kind of state it’s currently in. I have to say I’ve fallen pretty in love with the whole thing, at least from a gameplay standpoint. Monetization-wise it remains to be seen how fairly things will shake out, but for the couple of weeks I’ve been playing it hasn’t really been an issue. In fact they just added a Battle Pass system to the game and a bunch of other cool unlocks and customizations. If you’re interested in Mighty Doom yourself you can pre-register on the game’s website for iOS or on Google Play directly if you’re on Android and you’ll unlock some special gear when the game launches globally on March 21st.

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