Liar Liar TV Anime Reveals Summer Release and New Characters!

Upcoming romantic comedy anime Liar Liar is set to arrive this summer!

Based on the light novel series written by Haruki Kuo with illustrations by konomi, Liar Liar takes place on “academy island,” where students battle to decide the school hierarchy. Transfer student Hiroto Shinohara achieves the highest ever score in the school’s entrance exam, which is the most difficult in the country, knocking last year’s champ Sarasa Saionji off her perch.

Rika Tachibana will be joining the cast as Noa Akizuki alongside Yurika Moriyama as Tsumugi Shiina, Hibiku Yamamura as Ami Kagaya, Houko Kuwashima as Natsume Ichinose, Momoko Seta as Fuka Tatara, and Mai Mochizuki as Yuki Tsuji.

Further information will be announced in due course.

Liar Liar will premiere in summer 2023.

©2023 Haruki Kuo/KADOKAWA/Liar Liar Production Committee
Adapted with permission from Anime!Anime!

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