Laid-Back Puzzler ‘Stuffo the Puzzle Bot’ Releases on March 2nd for iOS and PC

Stuffo the Puzzle Bot from developer Antti Tiihonen is a laid-back puzzler due next month for iOS and PC. I discovered it over the weekend when Chris Schilling (deputy editor, EDGE magazine) shared it. Antti has worked on games like Control, Noita, and more in a freelance capacity while also being the co-founder of Almost Human (Legend of Grimrock) where he did puzzles, levels, game design, and more. Stuffo the Puzzle Bot aims to be accessible but deep in its gameplay that is spread across 65 levels in the base game. More levels will be added after launch. Stuffo the Puzzle Bot features Stuffo as the last remaining puzzle bot in a world full of puzzles. Check out a screenshot from the game on Steam below:

Stuffo the Puzzle Bot will be priced at $9.99 on PC and $4.99 on iOS. There will be a 20% discount for launch week. As of this writing, App Store pre-orders aren’t live, but you can wishlist it on Steam here. Based on the gameplay footage and screenshots, I like the visuals quite a bit including the reflections. It also has great animations. I’ll definitely try and check this one out when it launches on March 2nd worldwide. What do you think of Stuffo the Puzzle Bot so far?

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