‘Static Shift Racing’ to Bring Open World Street Racing with a Heavy ’90s Vibe on January 18th

Developer Timbo Jimbo, which I’d like to believe is just two guys named Tim and Jim, are readying the full release of their debut mobile game called Static Shift Racing. This is a street racing game with a ’90s vibe that features open world areas to explore and find different races and events where you can compete against other real-life players. The core of the experience though is based around a heavy level of vehicle customization, so that you can trick out your ride in all sorts of ways and then see how your kit stacks up against the rest of the world. Check out the trailer for Static Shift Racing.

I’m super digging the vibe in this one, and if things work out as intended, it seems like it will be a lot of fun to cruise around an open world and enter into events with my tricked out ride. Currently Static Shift Racing is in soft launch in Australia and New Zealand, so if you’re from those parts you can check out the game for yourself right now. For everyone else the game’s full launch will be just shy of a week from now, on January 18th. It’s an ambitious project from what sounds like a small team, so on launch you can expect 5 different vehicles and one open world location to kick things off, with much more content planned to roll out as the game settles in. I’ll be looking forward to checking this one out when it drops next week.

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