Psychedelic Horror Experience ‘Happy Game’ From Amanita Design Is Coming to iOS and Android on Thursday

Amanita Design brought the psychedelic horror experience Happy Game to Nintendo Switch and PC a little while ago. At the time it was planned to hit iOS at some point, but we didn’t have a hint of a release date. Today, Amanita Design announced that Happy Game will be hitting iOS and Android this week. If you’ve not heard of the developer before, Amanita Design brought us premium games and also Apple Arcade releases in the form of Pilgrims and Creaks in recent years. Older games like Botanicula and Machinarium are legendary. Watch the Happy Game mobile teaser trailer below:

As of now, there are now pre-orders, but Happy Game launches on iOS and Android this Thursday on February 2nd worldwide. A price point is yet to be confirmed for mobile. Check out the official website here. You can also grab it on Steam here and Switch here. If you’d like to check out Samorost 2 on mobile from Amanita Design, you can buy it on the App Store for iOS here and on Google Play for Android here. It is priced at $2.99 on both platforms. I’m excited for a new Amanita Design release on mobile after quite a while, and I hope the wait for Amanita’s next new game isn’t too long. What is your favourite Amanita Design release and what did you think of Happy Game if you’ve played it already?

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