‘OPUS: Prism Peak’ is the Latest Entry in the Wonderful ‘OPUS’ Narrative Adventure Game Series

I’ve always been quite fond of developer SIGONO’s OPUS series of narrative adventure games, and in fact the first title, OPUS: The Day We Found Earth (Free), originally launched on mobile way back in 2015. The follow-up title OPUS: Rocket of Whispers (Free) also launched on mobile in 2017, and both games went on to be ported to PC and Switch. It was their third title however, OPUS: Echo of Starsong, that launched on PC first and also went on to receive widespread critical acclaim. I felt happy that so many people were now discovering the OPUS series, but also a bit sad that the latest title wasn’t on my preferred platform. Thankfully SIGONO hadn’t forgotten their roots, and Echo of Starsong did arrive on mobile this past November, and it was well worth the wait.

Now SIGONO has unveiled their latest project in the OPUS series, this one titled OPUS: Prism Peak. They’re referring to it as a “spiritual sibling" to the previous OPUS: Echo of Starsong, and describe it as “a cross between What Remains of Edith Finch and Makoto Shinkai films, where players go on a journey of wistful nostalgia to explore past regrets." Check out this teaser trailer for Prism Peak.

You may recall that we interviewed Scott Chen, co-founder of SIGONO and executive producer of the OPUS series, back in November just shortly after the arrival of Echo of Starsong on iOS. In that interview Chen specifically mentioned that bringing Echo of Starsong to mobile felt like returning home since that is where the series had started, a feeling I very much shared, and we were sure to ask if any future titles would be making their way to mobile as well. At that time Prism Peak was known as Project Mountain, and the short answer to it coming to mobile was basically “We’d love to, but no promises." It was also brought up in that interview that Echo of Starsong was extremely well-received being part of Xbox Game Pass, and that the OPUS series would be really well suited to a gaming subscription service like Apple Arcade or Netflix. Maybe one of those guys want to jump in and make sure we can get Prism Peak on mobile? Just thinking out loud here.

Whatever the case, I’m always excited for a new OPUS game no matter what platform(s) it ends up on. There’s no current release window for OPUS: Prism Peak, but you can Wishlist the game on Steam to follow along with its progress and maybe if we all collectively cross our fingers we’ll see it end up on mobile devices someday too.

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