‘Motorsport Manager Mobile 3’ Sees a Rare Price Drop of 75%, Currently $1.99 Through this Weekend

For many years now the Motorsport Manager series has had a strong showing on mobile, offering players the chance to build their very own team of race car drivers and try to manage them to victory. The series has continued to refine itself with each new entry, with 2018’s Motorsport Manager Mobile 3 considered by many to be the best of the bunch. It’s a game that doesn’t go on sale all that often, and in fact as best I can tell its last sale was more than 3 years ago back in December of 2019. So it seemed worth pointing out that from today and through the weekend until Monday, Motorsport Manager 3 is currently 75% off at just $1.99.

If you’re curious to learn more about what’s in store for you with Motorsport Manager 3, feel free to read our full review from back when it released in 2018. I’m not all that interested in racing myself, but as our review states this is the kind of game that can suck you in even if you have no interest in the sport itself, and it’ll actually do well to teach you a thing or two about the sport along the way. Not bad for just a couple of bucks if you grab Motorsport Manager 3 before this coming weekend is over.

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