‘Kingdom: The Blood’, Based on the Hit Netflix Series, Gets New Gameplay and Developer Commentary Videos

We’ve known since back in August of 2021 that developer Action Square was working on a mobile game called Kingdom: The Blood that is based on the hit Netflix series Kingdom, and it was just shy of a year later in July of 2022 that we got our first glimpse of what the game would be all about with a very early gameplay trailer. Now today they’ve unveiled two brand new trailers showing the current state of Kingdom: The Blood. The first is a new in-progress gameplay trailer which shows off the sword-based combat mechanics, some gruesome zombie bad guys, and what appears to be some impressively large and menacing boss battles. Check out that trailer below.

Then there is a second trailer which is more of a developer commentary video where they discuss the main areas of focus for Kingdom: The Blood. One is to be very faithful to the show in terms of characters, locations, and visuals. And like the show they want to be faithful to the Korean culture with things like traditional garments and combat moves. Speaking of combat, there looks to be an impressive amount of customization and upgradeability with your character’s repertoire of moves. There’s plenty more details to glean as well, so if you have about 5 minutes to spare you can check out the commentary video right over here.

Kingdom: The Blood will feature cross-platform play between mobile and PC, and while no release date is available just yet you can wishlist the PC version over on Steam to keep tabs on its progress.

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