Former Apple Arcade Exclusive ‘Various Daylife’ Is Out Now on iOS and Android as a Premium Release

Various Daylife was one of the more-surprising Apple Arcade games. It was an exclusive RPG from the creators of Bravely Default (3DS) and Octopath Traveler (Switch and PC) featuring an original story with multiple job classes and an interesting battle system. Since launch, it was updated with quality of life improvements, but was eventually pulled from the service. Various Daylife eventually hit Nintendo Switch, PC, and PS4 worldwide as a paid game. Today, it has launched on iOS and Android as a premium release. There’s a digital artbook bonus for seemingly only the Japanese mobile release. Watch the Various Daylife trailer below:

If you skipped Various Daylife on Apple Arcade and hoped for a standalone mobile version, you can now grab it on the App Store for iOS here and on Google Play for Android here. It is priced at $20.99 on iOS and Android while the PC and console version is priced at $28.99. I feel like this is the first Apple Arcade Original game that has launched on Android, but could be wrong. You can check out our original thread for Various Daylife here and our new thread for the standalone release here. Did you play this on Apple Arcade or were you hoping for a standalone release?

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