Anya is the Star of This Spy x Family Themed Peanut Snack!

Hit manga Spy x Family has teamed up with Japanese confectionery brand Yoneya for a special edition of their Peanuts Monaka!

The peanut-shaped snack consists of a rice paper shell filled with peanut-flavored sweet red bean paste, making it the perfect treat for peanut lovers like the show's beloved character Anya.

Not only does the lid of the peanut-shaped box include an illustration of Anya, but each one also contains an acrylic charm, with seven possible designs in total.

The four Peanuts Monaka nestled in each box also have packaging that features a goofy peanut.

The collaborative boxes are now on sale for 1,880 yen at participating stores, mainly located in Chiba Prefecture.

Adapted from Tatsuya Endo's manga series, Spy x Family revolves around spy Loid Forger, codenamed Twilight, who is ordered to create a fake family to facilitate his latest mission. Unbeknownst to him, the woman he chooses for his “wife” is actually an assassin, the little girl he “adopts” is a telepath, and even the family dog has the ability to predict the future.

The TV anime adaptation's first season ran from April to December 2022 with 25 episodes split between two cours. A second season and anime film are set for release in 2023.

©Tatsuya Endo/Shueisha, Spy x Family Production Committee
Adapted with permission from SPICE

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