New “Blacksail” Season of ‘Torchlight Infinite’ Kicks Off on January 12th with Tons of New Content and Features

After years of soft launches and beta tests, the long-awaited Torchlight Infinite finally launched globally back in October. Or, well, kinda. I guess developer XD Network still refers to that launch as an open beta, but at the very least it meant that players all over the world would be able to get their hands on this highly anticipated loot-based dungeon crawler. After all that build-up and buzz prior to launch, I haven’t really been able to tell how well the game has been received since launching. Perhaps I’m just not sticking my nose in the right corners of the mobile gaming world, but whatever the case XD has lifted the veil off of Torchlight Infinite’s first big update. It will bring with it a new season titled Blacksail as well as lots of new content and features. Here’s a teaser trailer.

The big piece of new content here will be the Void Sea storyline where players have a chance to earn loot drops with special “Void Sea Night Flame" affixes when defeating monsters in the Netherrealm map. After beating the stage’s final boss, a special “Void Sea Seal" device will drop and you can use a Void Sea Night Flame to break the seal and unlock a special Seal Whisper. Break 6 seals and you’ll be able to visit the Void Sea End Port to challenge the Bride of Void Sea and try to steal her treasure. Defeating her may also land you a Void Sea Invitation which you will need in order to challenge the season’s final boss Lord of Void Sea, who is packing all sorts of Legendary loot for you to pilfer if you can beat him.

This season will also feature two new items: Hero Relics and Hero Memories. Each character can equip one Hero Relic, and that has up to 3 slots where you can attach Hero Memories to augment your build in various ways. This update will also introduce 5 new main Skills: Moon Strike, Howling Gale, Thunder Slash, Blazing Bullet, and Haunting Abomination. Due to player requests, controller support will also be added for players on PC, making Torchlight Infinite Steam Deck friendly. Strangely it doesn’t specify if that controller support will also extend to the mobile versions, so we’ll just have to wait and see. Would be weird if it didn’t though, right? The end of the current season also means season rewards will be dished out for players of the first season, so look forward to this new Blacksail season kicking off in the game on January 12th.

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