‘Into the Dead 3’ Announced in Celebration of the Franchise’s 10th Anniversary

I’ve commented before about how weird it is to see some of the big names in the mobile gaming space celebrate 10-year anniversaries. In my mind mobile gaming is still this new-ish thing, and I guess in the grand scheme of things it is, but it still feels weird that something like Angry Birds or Temple Run can be more than a decade old at this point. Well, another big mobile hit celebrated its tenth anniversary last week, and that is PikPok’s first-person runner Into the Dead. Besides being novel for combining the endless runner genre that was so popular on mobile with a first-person perspective, Into the Dead also brought a tremendous sense of atmosphere and creepiness that made it a real joy to play. Five years on from its release the sequel Into the Dead 2 arrived, bringing more mechanical complexity but more importantly brining a full-blown storyline and characters to the atmospheric universe established in the first game. Now PikPok has officially announced via the teaser video below that they’ll be continuing that story and building out that universe with a follow-up titled Into the Dead 3.

This will continue the story from Into the Dead 2, and is set ten years after the events from that previous game. There will be both new characters and some returning familiar faces, as well as plenty of new missions and of course new weapons to mow down the zombies who have taken over society. I love the Into the Dead games and something I hadn’t noticed until right now is that the original game was just updated a couple of weeks ago with some major visual enhancements and new features, and that is prompting me to dive back in for the first time in quite a while. Into the Dead 2 has been heavily supported with new content over its past 5 years since release, and it sounds like PikPok plans to continue doing that even with the third game in development. With a franchise that has expanded to multiple platforms and seen more than 150 million downloads across them, it’s very exciting to see what will be in store next for Into the Dead.

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