‘Easy Come Easy Golf’ New Update Adds Stroke Standoff Play Multiplayer Mode, Level Cap Increase, and More

Easy Come Easy Golf () from Clap Hanz is one of my favorite games on Apple Arcade. It has been updated quite a bit since launch bringing in new modes and improvements. It recently launched on Nintendo Switch as well. Read my Apple Arcade review of it here and Shaun’s Switch review here. Today, Easy Come Easy Golf has been updated on both Switch and Apple Arcade to version 1.9.0. The highlights are Stroke Standoff play and the new level cap. Watch a trailer for Easy Come Easy Golf update 1.9.0 below:

Instead of waiting for other players, you can now play each hole directly as of version 1.9.0 on Switch and Apple Arcade. This aims to make multiplayer faster and more casual. The other addition is the level cap increasing to 40. This level cap requires Albatross golf shots with a specific character. Easy Come Easy Golf is out now on Nintendo Switch for $19.99 here and on Apple Arcade here. Check out our forum thread for Easy Come Easy Golf (previously Clap Hanz Golf) here and the official website for the game here. Check out our dedicated Apple Arcade forum with threads on every game in the service here.

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