‘Daily Dadish’ Features a New Level Every Day for an Entire Year, Coming to Mobile, Switch, and PC February 8th

One of the more pleasant surprises over the past few years has been the Dadish series from developer Thomas K. Young. Starring the titular radish dad, the trilogy of Dadish games has consistently provided top-notch platforming and plenty of goofy humor, typically delivered by Dadish’s multitude of charming and mischievous children. Now after three full level-based games, Dadish is making a return in a slightly different way with the upcoming Daily Dadish. Inspired by his daily Wordle habit, Young has created a game with 365 hand-crafted levels where a new level becomes available each day. Check out the trailer.

One of the more interesting wrinkles here is that, similar to Wordle, each level will only be playable for that one day. You’ll be able to compete for completion times and earn medals for every level throughout that day, but once it’s gone it’s gone. Well, as far as I can tell. Perhaps there is or will be some sort of archive that will let you play through previous levels, but I think the main idea here is to get you to check in each and every day for your little dose of Dadish fun like millions of us do with Wordle and similar games as an incentive to not miss out. I like the idea very much! Look for Daily Dadish to launch early next year on February 8th on mobile, PC, and Switch.

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