Another Eden’s Tales of Symphonia and Tales of Arise Crossover Event Is Now Live

Time travelling JRPG Another Eden (Free) has gotten another big JRPG crossover with today’s update. Following collaborations with Persona 5 Royal that recently released on modern consoles and PC, Another Eden is collaborating with Bandai Namco’s Tales of Symphonia and Tales of Arise in a new permanent crossover. The former is getting remastered for PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch in February while Tales of Arise is one of Bandai Namco’s most successful JRPGs ever outside Japan. The crossover will feature the protagonists of both games who can be unlocked in Another Eden. Watch the Another Eden Symphony: Crown of the Pale Dawn collaboration trailer below:

As with the Persona 5 Royal crossover which was permanent, the Tales of Symphonia and Tales of Arise Symphony: Crown of the Pale Dawn crossover has limited-time rewards from today. This lets players earn 1000 Chronos Stones for playing before January 11th, and 1000 more for starting the event with 100 per day you login until January 8th. There is also a chest containing four Green Keys and two Red Keys in the spacetime Rift everyday from now until January 4th as a part of the limited-time collaboration. If you’ve not played Another Eden yet, check it out on the App Store for iOS here, on Google Play for Android here, and on PC via Steam here. Check out the official website for the crossover here. Do you play Another Eden regularly?

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