‘Wreckfest’ Mobile Compared With Consoles and Tested on Multiple iPad and iPhone Models in New Video

HandyGames’ mobile version of Bugbear’s demolition derby-style racer Wreckfest ($9.99) released on iOS and Android recently, and we featured it as our Game of the Week. MrMacRight on YouTube who does amazing technical analysis videos for iOS, iPadOS, and macOS games has done one on Wreckfest comparing it across iOS and console platforms. The video even showcases how it runs on a variety of Apple devices including newer ones detailing the resolution and frame rate targets alongside showcasing the how the game runs across the board. Watch the analysis video below:

You can buy Wreckfest on mobile on Google Play for Android here and on the App Store here. The App Store page for Wreckfest lists different car packs and content bundles as in app purchases right now. Check out our new forum thread for the game here with impressions and potential fixes if you’re running into issues. The console game is priced at $39.99 on Nintendo Switch with additional paid DLC available. Check out Wreckfest on Steam here. Have you played Wreckfest yet on any platform and are you going to grab it on mobile?

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