‘The Isle Tide Hotel’ is a New FMV Game from Wales Interactive Coming to All Platforms in 2023

Wales Interactive is one of the companies at the forefront of the full-motion video game revolution of the past several years, with most of their titles also making their way to mobile devices where the FMV genre really feels at home. This past July they announced the interactive action movie Mia and the Dragon Princess for release next year, and they also have a sequel in the works to their popular interactive romantic comedy Five Dates called, appropriately, Ten Dates that is set for release next year as well. But wait, they’re not done! Joining those two upcoming titles is an interactive mystery movie announced today called The Isle Tide Hotel.

The story here is about a father who isn’t really present in his daughter’s life, until he learns that she’s about to be harmed by a cult of weirdos who are convinced that sacrificing the teenage girl will be the key to fulfilling their own crazy prophecy. The game plays out like a choose-your-own-adventure as you decide on how best to gain access into the cult at the Isle Tide Hotel to save your daughter, and there will be 7 main endings and 14 total possible outcomes. That’s not including numerous side quests which have their own mini-endings, the deep history and lore of the cult which is waiting to be discovered and learned, massively sprawling dialogue options for the eclectic cast of characters, and more.

The Isle Tide Hotel is being primarily developed by Interflix Media who are a production house known for short films and virtual reality experiences, and this will mark their first entry into the FMV genre. They are also using Wales Interactive’s own WIST narrative tool to write the multi-directional script for The Isle Tide Hotel. Given the quality of the titles put out by Wales Interactive previously, and given how intrigued I am after watching the trailer above, I’m very excited for The Isle Tide Hotel whenever it ends up arriving. Right now that is vaguely scheduled for Q2 of 2023 on PC, Mac, PS5, PS4, Xbox One, Series X|S, Switch, iOS, and Android.

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