‘Station 117’ from Glitch Games Launches November 24th, Pre-Orders Open Now for iOS, Android, and Steam

Point-and-click adventure game specialists Glitch Games have had a busy 2022 so far. They released their newest full-blown adventure Another Tomorrow back in February, after working on it for more than two years. During its development they also were performing a bunch of behind-the-scenes stuff with their production pipeline and game engine with the goal of being able to put out new games more frequently than just every couple of years. These new games were meant to be a bit smaller in scope than their normal output, and the first of them was called Incoherence and released in June. We enjoyed it so much we chose it as our Game of the Week. But apparently two games in 2022 was NOT enough for Glitch, so now they are preparing the release of yet another adventure called Station 117. Here’s its trailer.

As you can see, you can expect Glitch’s trademark adventure game/escape room hybrid brand of puzzles and gameplay, as well as their should-be-standard-in-every-adventure-game Glitch Camera which lets you snap pics of puzzles or environments and then reference or annotate them at any time. Station 117 comes in at an absurdly reasonable price of $1.99 and is available for pre-order on the iOS App Store, available for pre-registration on the Google Play Store for Android, and available for Wishlisting on the Steam store for PC. I’m excited to dive into another Glitch adventure and, with their increased output this past year, I’m also really excited to see what’s in store from them in 2023.

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