‘Micro RPG’ Updated with New World “Hidden Valley”, New Hero, New Weapons, and More

It’s always kind of shocking when gearing up for the end of a year and looking back at how long ago a game actually launched in that year. This is the feeling I got when checking out the latest update for Micro RPG from JoliYeti Games. Somehow this game launched all the way back in January, despite it feeling like it was maybe just a couple of months ago. I guess time flies, and that’s certainly the case when playing Micro RPG which I sunk dozens and dozens of hours into in 2022. For those that might have missed it, this is a semi-idle game built around a really fun one-touch battle mechanic, and built around that is all sorts of cool characters and upgrade systems to min and max to your heart’s content. It all works super well as a mobile game, and that’s why we chose Micro RPG as our Game of the Week when it released.

JoliYeti has done a nice job releasing frequent updates for Micro RPG, generally to tweak or fix some minor stuff but occasionally to add some new content too. The game’s biggest update so far was back in June where they added in tons of new weapons, added rarity levels to the characters and weapons, added a very cool bestiary and stats menu, and more. Now this week they’ve released another massive update for the game, this time adding in an entire new sixth world called Hidden Valley. World 5 was already crazy hard, so I can’t even imagine what’s in store for me with World 6. There’s also a new hero named Jenna, a new weapon Ancient Axes, some tweaks to card rarities, and more. Let this latest update be your reason to finally check out Micro RPG if you haven’t before, and if you’re already a fan like I am but haven’t picked it up in a while then there is all sorts of new stuff here to suck you right back in.

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