Massive ‘Dysmantle’ Update Brings Underworld DLC, New Builder’s Isle, and Tons More

It feels like for a big chunk of this year, whenever anyone asked me for a mobile game recommendation, I’ve been tossing out Dysmantle from 10tons. The game originally launched on Steam a year ago and then made its mobile debut in May, and I think it’s safe to say that there’s no game this year, mobile or otherwise, that I’ve spent more time playing than Dysmantle. I explain a lot of why that is in our Game of the Week post from when the iOS version released, and while my obsession with this game has cooled down over the past month or two, I have a feeling it’s about to be reignited in a big way as the mobile version has just received an absolutely huge new update adding in tons of new content in both paid and free varieties. The first big nugget is the Underworld DLC which hit the PC version a couple of months back, and adds in an entirely new open world map to explore complete with new enemies, new weapons, and so much more. Check out the trailer.

On mobile this Underworld DLC will set you back $4.99. However, even if you aren’t in the mood to plunk down additional cash for more Dysmantle goodness, there’s loads of new stuff for the base game in this update too. Chief among these is the new Builder’s Isle, which is a small island North of the evacuation site that exists solely so you can build your very own dream home. Yes, after tearing down hundreds if not thousands of structures during Dysmantle, you can now build up a structure and use it as your home base. Complete all the associated quests and you’ll unlock the Home Portal, which will allow you to quickly teleport back to your home base and back at any time, which sounds crazy useful. Also, if you do end up buying the Underworld DLC, it will add some new exclusive buildable items for you to use.

In addition to the new tentpole features of the Underworld DLC and the Builder’s Isle, this update also includes dozens of fixes, tweaks, and quality of life improvements. I’m almost a little scared to dive back into the world of Dysmantle given how little free time I’ve had lately, but I just can’t resist the allure of even more good stuff in one of my very favorite games of this year.

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