‘Mad Skills Snocross’ to Bring Fast and Competitive Snowmobile Racing to Mobile Devices on November 9th

For more than a decade, Turborilla’s Mad Skills games have been offering up competitive side-scrolling racing action in both motorcross and BMX flavors, with every year or two bringing a new entry that ups the ante in terms of content and features. Because of this they have built up an extremely loyal following of players who are all borderline obsessed with shaving milliseconds off of their track times. Now, after numerous releases featuring two-wheeled vehicles, they’re doing something a bit different with… no-wheeled vehicles. Enter Mad Skills Snocross, which is pretty much exactly what you’d expect: A competitive side-scrolling racing game like the previous Mad Skills games but featuring snowmobiles. Here’s the trailer.

Oh yeah, another thing the Mad Skills games are known for is having awesome trailers, and that is true once again with Mad Skills Snocross. You can look forward to racing across more than 100 tracks with multiple different types of snowmobiles to trick out and upgrade, along with customizable riders. It’ll be interesting to see how the physics-based racing the series is known for feels differently racing through snow. Mad Skills Snocross has been in soft launch in select regions for a bit already, but its global launch is now all set for November 9th on both iOS and Android, so keep an eye out for it. Oh yeah, you should also always answer the phone when your mom calls, she worries about you.

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