Freebie Alert: ‘Civilization VI’ DLC Packs Temporarily Going Free Starting Today, Major Expansions 50% Off As Well

It was nearly 5 years ago now that Aspyr dropped a full, nearly no-compromises iPad port of Civilization VI in the App Store, just barely a year after the robust original launched on PC. As we explained in our original review, the iPad port of Civ VI was more or less the full-fat PC version with new touch controls implemented. There was a slight downgrade in visuals, a lack of online multiplayer, and the AI could take a bit longer to make its moves compared to the PC, but by and large this was the real deal Civ VI in the palm of your hands. It also was quite shocking at that time for charging the real deal price of $59.99 to unlock the full game on iPad, which shouldn’t have been an issue because you were buying essentially the same game for the same price as on other platforms, but in the world of mobile gaming that pricing was practically unheard of.

Anyway, the pricing situation became sort of a moot point because Civilization VI was on sale frequently after its release on iPad, which meant most people probably picked it up for $30 or less at some point. It also continued to grow, and grow, and grow with additional DLC packs and expansions, and in October of 2018 it was finally updated with Universal iPhone support so it wasn’t relegated only to iPad devices. In fact, Civ VI had grown SO much since release we found ourselves re-reviewing it in October of 2020 to take into account all of the new content and features, and roughly a year later also reviewing the New Frontier Pass which added yet even more content. Now for this year Aspyr has revealed something along similar lines as the New Frontier Pass which they are calling the Leader Pass, unveiled just yesterday.

Phew! All that lead-up is to announce that, in celebration of the Leader Pass being revealed, Aspyr is going to hold a pretty sweet freebie promotion for a bunch of the DLC in Civilization VI. Fans who have been following the game since the beginning may recall them doing similar staggered freebie promotions around the holidays in the past. Starting today and into tomorrow, fans can download the following packs for free:

– Poland Civilization & Scenario Pack (Normally $4.99)
– Vikings Scenario Pack (Normally $4.99)
– Australia Civilization & Scenario Pack (Normally $4.99)

Then as the weekend arrives, over Saturday and Sunday fans will be able to grab these packs for free:

– Persia and Macedon Civilization & Scenario Pack (Normally $8.99)
– Nubia Civilization & Scenario Pack (Normally $4.99)
– Khmer and Indonesia Civilization & Scenario Pack (Normally $8.99)

In addition to these freebies, there are some heavy discounts on the other major expansion packs in the game. From now until December 1st players will be able to get 50% off of Rise and Fall (normally $29.99), Gathering Storm (normally $39.99), and the New Frontier Pass (normally $29.99). All of this together represents hundreds if not thousands of hours worth of gameplay, so if you’ve been sleeping on getting the iOS version of Civilization VI for whatever reason now is not a bad time to rectify that. The game is free to download and try, with the full game unlock available for $9.99 and of course the various scenario pack freebies and expansion pack discounts listed above.

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