Enjoy an Ultra Kawaii Music Festival in Sanrio's Virtual World!

Sanrio is bringing together music creators and fans alike to an ultra kawaii online space for its second virtual music festival!

Titled SANRIO Virtual Festival 2023 in Sanrio Puroland, it will run from January 13 to 22, 2023, and can be watched from all around the world.

The main live performances are set for January 21 and 22, and will feature artists like May'n ( Macross Frontier ), Airi Suzuki ( Kaguya-sama: Love is War ), and Mashumairesh!! ( Show by Rock ), as well as VTubers like Peanuts-kun, Aoi Fuji, and Haneru Inaba. More artists will be announced in due course.

The cute critters of Sanrio will also star in daily mini performances from January 13 to 20.

During the entire event period, you'll be able to enter a virtual Sanrio Puroland to interact with other fans and artists. A number of free VR areas will be available, from the physical park's distinctive entrance to an edgy club space.

Tickets can be bought for the full VRChat experience, which will allow you access to all areas and performances via VR technology like Oculus and Vive. These tickets also include a non-VR stream and its archive on SPWN. However, you can opt to watch the SPWN stream only for a lower price.

Check out how to get tickets here. For more info on the festival, visit the official website.

Source: PR Times

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