Brilliant Train Puzzler ‘Railbound’ Getting Big New Update and Releasing on Nintendo Switch December 1st

Just a couple of months ago developer Afterburn Games released their latest game Railbound on iOS, Android, and Steam and now today they are dropping some information on the game’s very first big content update. To back up a bit, Railbound is a logic puzzler where your goal is to connect bits of track and other train-related paraphernalia in order to connect a number of train cars to their engine. The big twist is that the train cars must be connected in the proper order, and that makes for some incredibly challenging and satisfying puzzles to solve, which is why we awarded Railbound our Game of the Week honors when it released in September. Right around the time of release during the GameSpot Swipe Mobile Showcase Afterburn created a new trailer talking about their plans for Railbound during the rest of the year.

Originally the developers planned a smaller update to coincide with Halloween but things didn’t quite work out, and their update plans just kept growing and growing. So now they’ve decided to just roll everything into one giant version 1.2 update that they’ll be releasing on December 1st. The update will be released for free on all platforms and will include new levels, fixes, improvements, and “a really fun new feature that we hope you’ll like." On that same day Railbound will also be releasing on Nintendo Switch, courtesy of 7LEVELS who have also brought previous Afterburn games Golf Peaks and inbento to the platform. Finally, Afterburn says Railbound has exceeded their expectations and sold over 50k copies so far, and they even broke it down by platform which I found really interesting: 61.3% Steam, 24.1% iOS, and 14.5% Android.

Look for the big new version 1.2 update for Railbound, as well as the new Switch version, on December 1st.

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