‘Albion Online’ Adds the Mists, Fey Armor, the Elusive City of Brecilien and More in “Beyond the Veil” Update

Fans of Albion Online have plenty of reasons to celebrate as Sandbox Interactive adds a massive new update to the fantasy sandbox MMORPG. With mysterious new lands, challenging PvP and PvE encounters, a new armour set to craft and a fabled city with no precise location, the new Beyond the Veil update has more than enough on offer to keep players hooked.

In the latest update for Albion Online, players can look forward to unveiling the secrets of the Mists. Both solo and duo explorers can find plenty of challenges here that will put their skills to the test, whether they’re scouring the lands for new artifacts they can craft into Fey Armor or searching for the elusive city of Brecilien.

In particular, the city has no fixed location, but once discovered, it can be accessed from the Mists and the Roads of Avalon, the latter enjoying a special rework as well along with the new update. The Roads will contain upgraded mobs, Crystal Spiders, Power Cores, treasures and more.

For mobile users, this update brings improvements to targeting of attacks and healing spells, easier-to-read spell tooltips, and an improved and expanded Party UI, along with other optimizations. If you’re eager to check out these new features, along with improved Guild Crest creation, Guild Loadouts and other overall quality-of-life improvements, you can download Albion Online on the iOS App Store and on the Google Play Store for Android devices and get started on your journey today.


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