Acclaimed Political Strategy Game ‘Suzerain’ Coming to iOS and Android Devices December 8th

After debuting on PC in December of 2020 and Nintendo Switch in the fall of last year, it was announced this past February that Torpor Games would be bringing their political strategy drama Suzerain to mobile devices at some point in 2022. Well, originally that “some point" was to be early 2022 but, as you can see from just a quick glance at the calendar, we are no longer even remotely in early 2022. In fact, Torpor will be just squeaking past the finish line before 2022 closes as they’ve officially announced that the iOS and Android release date for Suzerain will be December 8th. Get a feel for the sort of political drama you’ll be in for with this one in the following trailer.

While this is likely later than anybody expected for the iOS and Android release of Suzerain, that extra time has been put to extremely good use. Torpor states that the mobile-specific features will include “Full rework of the rendering from 3D to 2D for smooth performance and less drain on battery" as well as “Total adaptation of user interface and experience for smartphones and tablets" and finally “UI animations and high-resolution sprites tailored for mobile." And while the PC and Switch versions of Suzerain were published by Fellow Traveller, Torpor will be self-publishing the iOS and Android versions of the game.

Suzerain will be free to download with the Prologue and First Turn, roughly 1 hour of playtime, available to play through with the full game unlocked via a one-time purchase that’ll run between $3.99 and $4.99 USD depending on region and platform. That’s quite a bit less than on other platforms, so be sure to look out for the mobile version of Suzerain when it hits early next month.

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