‘Wreckfest’ on Mobile Pushed Back to November 15th

A couple of months back HandyGames announced that they’d be bringing Bugbear’s demolition derby-style racer Wreckfest to mobile devices, and just a few days later pre-registrations went live for the Android version on Google Play with iOS pre-orders arriving a few weeks later. All indications were that Wreckfest on mobile was all set for an October 25th launch, but as a quick glance at the calendar will tell you, today is October 28th and the mobile version is nowhere in sight.

I’m not sure if the October 25th date listed on the iOS pre-order page was simply a placeholder date all along, or if something has come up last minute that has necessitated pushing the launch back a bit, but whatever the case Wreckfest on mobile is now listed as coming November 15th. While I am VERY extremely looking forward to getting my hands on this one, a few extra weeks isn’t the end of the world, so all I can do now is patiently wait for November 15th when Wreckfest should finally be gracing mobile screens on iOS and Android.

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