Unique Tower Defense Game ‘Isle of Arrows’ Has Been Delayed to Later This Month or Next Month for iOS and Android

Having covered Isle of Arrows from Daniel Lutz (former Creative Director on Hitman GO and Lara Croft GO while at Square Enix Montreal) for a while, I was looking forward to it finally arriving this week on mobile following its Steam release in early September. We’ve gone from its reveal to gameplay being showcased alongside a demo on Steam, and have it finally release on Steam while being set for mobile on October 6th. Today, Daniel announced the release date for mobile has been delayed to later this month or next month. This is because of feedback received from the PC version that indicated onboarding issues and a steep learning curve. Daniel wants to address this before bringing it to new platforms.

Isle of Arrows is out now on Steam here. The Steam page also has a few gifs showcasing some of the gameplay mechanics and the lovely visuals. The iOS and Android release date will be announced soon with pre-orders going live at the same time. Alongside today’s news of the mobile delay, the Steam version of Isle of Arrows will be updated with a new campaign, Training Grounds, aimed to help new players out. This update will arrive next week for Steam. Did you play the demo before and will you be getting Isle of Arrows on mobile when it launches in the coming weeks or next month?

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