‘Steins; Gate’ Is Discounted to Its Lowest Price Yet for Its 13th Anniversary Celebration

Back in October 2009, the now super popular visual novel time traveling adventure Steins;Gate ($3.99) debuted in Japan. To celebrate the original release’s 13th annivesary, 5pb has discounted the game on iOS to its lowest price yet. If you’ve not kept up with it on mobile, Steins;Gate was finally released in 2016 in the West on iOS with English language support. Read Shaun’s review of it here. As of October 15th, it is down to $3.99 from $17.99 for iPhone and also for the iPad version. Watch the Steins;Gate Steam trailer below:

If you’ve not played the visual novel yet, Steins;Gate has a fantastic story with great characters and a brilliant soundtrack across its multiple endings. If you’ve never played a traditional visual novel, this is a great entry point into the genre as well. Note that Steins;Gate is a separate iPhone and iPad game on iOS. It is available on the App Store for iPhone here and iPad (HD) here. Check out the forum thread for Steins;Gate here. You can get it here on Google Play where it is free to start. What is your favorite game in the series across all platforms?

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