Square Enix’s Apple Watch RPG ‘Cosmos Rings’ Being Delisted This Week

Square Enix has announced that the 2016-released Apple Watch RPG Cosmos Rings ($8.99) is being delisted on October 28th. If you’ve not kept up with Cosmos Rings is a game in Square Enix’s Chaos Rings series exclusively made for Apple Watch. Cosmos Rings has been available for $8.99 for a while on iOS for Apple Watch, and recent reviews point to it being not great or broken on recent releases, so this isn’t surprising. I never tried Cosmos Rings even when I had an Apple Watch a few years ago, but hope Square Enix can bring it to some other platform in some way. Watch the Cosmos Rings trailer below:

As of now, the game is set to be pulled from distribution on October 28th. It will not be up for sale after that day, but should be downloadable from purchases. We will not know for sure until October 28th. Square Enix has done a lot of great stuff on iOS over the years, but it is always disappointing when exclusive software is delisted. With the recent Apple Arcade release Various Daylife, console and PC ports released so it is preserved. Nothing has been announced for Cosmos Rings yet. You can head over to the the Cosmos Rings forum thread for impressions from our forum members who tried it out over the years. Did you play Cosmos Rings?

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