Legend of Mana, Trials of Mana, and More Mana Games Discounted for a Limited Time on iOS and Android

Square Enix has discounted its four main premium Mana series games on iOS and Android for a limited time with the games down to about 50% off across platforms depending on the region. Square Enix is doing a lot around the Mana series with an anime out soon and also a free to play release in the form of Echoes of Mana. Read about Echoes of Mana here. Among the discounts, Legend of Mana ($13.99) is down to its lowest price yet on mobile right now. Watch the trailer for it below:

The complete list of Mana games discounted is below:

Trials of Mana ($11.99)
Legend of Mana ($13.99)
Adventures of Mana ($6.99)
Secret of Mana ($7.99)

You can also grab them all on Android here. If you’ve not gotten a single Mana game and aren’t sure where to start, Trials of Mana is a nice modern remake of a classic that looks really nice on newer devices. I’ve enjoyed Legend of Mana quite a bit on Steam Deck recently, but it is going to be good to have on iPad as well. I know Collection of Mana is unlikely to get ported to mobile, but hopefully Square Enix does eventually manage bringing the original Adventures of Mana to mobile alongside the Secret of Mana remake that hit PlayStation and PC a few years ago. Despite a lot of negative press around it, I still think it is worth playing and would love to have it on iOS. Have you played the Mana games on any platform before?

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